Sunday, February 17, 2013

The 2012 Summer Proceeds Benefit...

Although the 2012 Summer Market started with the worst rainstorm possible,
the weekend ended up having sunshine, rainbows and a great purpose.

Here are the projects we supported this year:
1. We heard about the fundraising efforts of local 6th grader Cameron Hosier to benefit the Avon Lake K-9 unit. He held a bake-sale at a local event and we showed up afterward to make a donation. By the time we saw him, he had already reached his financial goal, so our donation was just icing on the cake! Can't help but love a kid who has a big heart! Great job Cameron!
This picture was taken courtesy of the Avon Lake Patch

2. Our very good friend Linda Goik of Local Girl Gallery (in Lakewood) decided to close her doors this past fall. This eclectic gallery full of hand-crafted items was loved by everyone. Therefore a big "cashmob" hit the store to buy lots of things and support this small business (in hopes that Linda might reconsider) After doing some shopping, we made a donation and kept our fingers crossed. Unfortunately, Local Girl Gallery closed. We sure will miss Linda at the Market this summer!

3. There is always a car wash being held in town by one of our school groups. On this day, we pulled in the parking lot of the Avon Lake Boys Cross Country Team and made a donation. There was a bonus to this gift as we found out that they donate a portion of their proceeds to CRS.
4.  Each year we donate proceeds from our event to the Avon Lake Landmark Preservation Society.  They have been restoring the Thomas Folger Home that sits in Veteran's Park
(where we hold the Summer Market) 
5.  This year, we wanted to benefit some school projects
because children are our future! 
We donated to 3 different projects through Donors Choose,
a wonderful website that connects teachers with donors.
The first project we supported was called "Fluency for First Graders" at Crestwood Elementary School in Elyria.  We covered the cost of  an Easi Speak Set for the classroom.
The second project was called "Letters for Life"
at Murray Ridge School also in Elyria.
We purchased an Ellison Die Storage Rack
& Letter Die Set
for the teachers at this school.
The final project with Donors Choose was also at Murray Ridge Center.
The project was called "The Name Game"
We purchased a magnetic write and wipe adjustable easel for the classroom.


Several fun projects and we loved being able to help!
Somewhere along this journey, we did some soul searching. 
We wanted to help everyone!
We needed to home in on our interests, talents and wishes.
From this, we created a project called "The Gift of Home."
Home is a place of love and comfort that should
welcome you with open arms.
Girls Give Back hopes to create this home for local families in need.
After a weekend away, families will return home to a fresh, clean home
with new household items and an overall sense of comfort and coziness.
It feels amazing, regardless of how little money you have,
to live in a house that feels like a home to you and your children.
It renews your spirit.
With the remaining proceeds of the 2012 Summer Market,
we will give the "Gift of Home" to a local family in need.

The proceeds from the 2013 Summer Market and every Market going forward...will benefit 1 or more "Gift of Home" projects each year.

To get involved or make a donation...